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to the south, thursdays, rounds of heavy rain and wind. this could be tropical storm nicole. it stays inland and we'll keep you upped on it. we have the chance for a shower and thunderstorm and otherwise, muggy and warm. 83 for the high and patchys dense fog possible and mixed clouds and sunshine for most of the day. the thing is, tomorrow night, the rain could move in and thursday, it will be a stormny day. and a lot of wind and rain. if it moves further inland, we'll get the rain. stays out to see and we could have a tropical depression. we'll keep updated on that. >>> thank you. >> and still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. the caffeine fix. which professions rely the most on coffee to get throughout the day. . >> and wjz is always on. for more information; go to ,,,,,, i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. b
. it's nn looger nicole bbt a coastal low that is headed in our direccion. we want to show what we have ii terms f our amounts of rain and also the hd radar showing that all thii moisture coming p from to come up from that direction. we want to get you over to show you the lightning strikes from the south moving innouu direction at the hesapeake bay. that s where thh heaviest storms are going to e. as we get closer, let's cceck -ut where the rain is falling the -- well, let's look attthe beltway,,both belt ways from washington and up ttrough baltiiore. you can see the heaviest rain -own here in annapolis. in act, we get closer still, and let's get even downninto annapolis itself. you can see down there we re seeing the heavieet downpours. -f fact, the area that you see indicating the red and orannes out there, s much s an inch of rain has fallen in a lot of thoss locations. we get a widerrview now and den - look at where we have other %--et's see where we caa pop tht up or you. we look to the northeest where we have the heavier falling rai3 there. -e will show you what is ggin
nicole brings heavy rains and strong wind into the area. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. our area has been hit hard with rain, heavy at times. this was the scene at the johns falls expressway earlier today as the rain caused flood waters to rise. we have at double-team insta- weather-plus coverage with meteorologist sandra shaw and john collins. >> good afternoon. it has been wet so far, approaching 3 inches of rain a tv hill alone. here is the doppler radar is showing moisture streaming up from the south. just to give you an idea of what is going on, it is a very narrow band of moisture. you can see that ocean city has been barely affected by this, with a few showers passing through the area. what is in a little bit on maryland alone. -- we want to zoom in a little bit on maryland alone. just show you the moisture streaming across the area. these individual cells that are moving through, some of the potential of producing strong, gusty winds. some of them have produced a thunderstorm warnings, even though we're not saying a lot of thunder or lightning and this at all. these are t
>>> the storm strengthens. tropical storm nicole moves close to the u.s. coast and when maryland could start feeling the effects. >>> hello, i'm don scott. >>> and i'm jessica kartalija -- >>> what kind of impact is nicole going to have, we'll show you the weather center with bernadette woods and marty bass. >>> well, the center of it isn't quick, but the rain ahead of it is already in maryland. we have bands of heavy rainmaking i into the southeastern shore and that's going to move into the southern tip here. east of the rain, it's picking up and it's on the doorstep of baltimore and annapolis. and denton, already heavy rain and federals burg and heading down into salisbury and this is just the beginning. we'll switch it over and show you the latest statistics on nicole. the senor is to the south and ahead of it, that's connected with this. take a look at the track, the winds are up to 40 miles per hour and it's moving to the north east. and it will probably gain more strength at this point. and the track ends. and this is by the national hurricane center. they think it will los
. your response might air tonight. >>> more on tropical storm nicole and the heavy rains the %-meteorologist vytas reid.ith >> that rain wiil start pickinn up in pace overnight. that rain like i ssid is really going to start coming down as we good through the next several hours. looking at a flood watch watch out of virginia, all across north viiginia, parts of the eastern shore and then also central maryland including %-d.c., down towards annapolis l incluued in this as we have the potential of heavy rainfall right along the central portion -f the mid portion of theestate so we'reevery concerned as the potential is there to get some heavy amounts of raan. the potential is there with the prediction here. %-theetrack of the storm.wing we could see anywhere from three to four inches, sooe areas maybe five, six inches in some that coulddcause this localized flooding because the ground is already saturated from the couple inches we got the other day, and now we're pouring more water on top of that. taking a look at where the rain is now. it's very light over balad, d.c., west
and in hours, we'll see the heavy rains and high winds. nicole dropped several inches of rain in florida flooding roads. bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking nicole. >> take a look at the radar we're tracking the rain all the way to cuba. you can see i the rain from the south all the way down to the cuba and florida straights. that will continue to effect the east coast and throughout the entire day tomorrow. because of the amounts of rain we're expecting, we'll have watches that will go into effect tomorrow. a flash flood watch for the area and in the southern portions of the bay, a high wind watch as well. it will be a nasty day. bernadette woods has more on the storm and how much rain we'll get. >>> well, this is the latest on nicole, the tropical storm became a tropical storm at 11:00. it's moving to the north, north east at 10:00 miles per hour. and it's skirting over the atlantic. you notice, it stops at this point. it's important, because, it doesnt' mean it won't effect us, it will just get extra tropical. the rain is still moving our way whether you see that spot or not. t
model anna nicole smith. >>> and rescuers encounter problems as they try to reach the site of a >>> in in the news now, rescuers in mexico are running in to damaged bridges as they try to reach the scene of a mudslide. at one point authorities feared there might be hundreds of victims and now they report only 11 people are missing and there are no confirmed deaths. >>> police are trying to discover the motive behind the shooting at the university of texas. 19-year-old cole on the committed suicide in a library after investigator says he opened fire with an automatic weapon. no one was hurt but the campus was locked down to make sure there were no other threats. >>> the u.s. supreme court will hear an appeal from the estate of the late anna nicole smith. the dispute centers on a 15 year battle over the fortune of j. howard marshall smith, much older husband who died in ' 94. he left almost all of his money to his son and almost nothing to smith. >>> there's a new free health clinic opening in our area. details on that coming up. plus, months after devastating floods the gran
? the big story is preparing for a downpour. tropical storm nicole is moving up the east coast. when is it expected to hit maryland? let's go over to our meteorologist. >> this is going to be a huge mess. we are seeing areas of rain already, occurring to the south of baltimore. take a look at all of this tropical moisture, which actually originates with nicole. it extends all the way down to miami. the tropical storm has formed and this thing is going to barrel at a very quick pace up the eastern seaboard. it is going to give us torrential downpours throughout the day tomorrow, heavy downpours in its six to eight hours with likely moderate to heavy rainfall. a flood watch goes in effect tonight until tomorrow evening. the rest of this afternoon, we could see some showers as we head into the evening. i have more on this system, coming up in a little bit. >> you can always track storms right down to your home and using our interactive radar. it also allows you to customize the forecast. we invite you to share your pictures and videos with us. you can find the links on our home page. ri
to the morning. we are dealing with the remnantú of tropiccl storm nicole and because of it, tte mmyor hassed baltimore city emerggncy operrtion centers to become operational ssart the at 7:00 this morning. that is duu tt rain and those folks need to be in therr to respond to flooding calls that are sure to come in. people are already out there3 seeing the problems that they're going to face as they get out the tropical storm reenants of -icoleeis all overrour region. safe both out in the field and theesky watch weather centee. meteorologist emily gracie live latest stormy conditions and flood wwtches and getting rained on out there and meteorologist steve fertig and covering theú storm right to your neighborhooú with the pooerful iradar. and theeheavy rain making it hard to travel across the area. we wiil bringgwhat issgoing oo you're taking a llve look at3 different spots throughout the region. some places you see the congestion, and othersscars are3 moving lalong. along..3 you want to do carefully. lauren coooe will bring you more %-because offthe weather, we hae a school delay, caroline
and he damp being left behind. >> good evening. >> the remnant of tropical storm nicole hit us very hard and more rain ahead. >> we have team coverage of the wickkd weather. keith live in baltimore county with the flooding situation in rose dale and karen parks is live in mount washington where all the waterris causing trouble ffr some businesses. >> first let's now go to vytas with the rain total so ffr tooay. >> we have seen a lot of rainfall coming out of this storm. 2 storm system because whether he an aree of low pressure that developed ahead oo the remnant of tropical storm what was known as tropical storm nicole. that first ppshed through dropping heavy ainfall and now we still have remnant of what was tropical storm nicole moving up from the south and thatt% will join us later this especially up in parts of eaat eastern, south eastern harper county looking at 11 and a half inches of rain hhre and 17 and a half inches of rain just soutt of aberdeen. very heavy conditions there with trailing thunderstorms and raan that pushed through belaire at 3 and 3 quarters and sse the dif
that is moving from the south. we still have the emnants of what is tropical storm nicole that is kind of losing the luster. losing the strength. ahead f it an area of low pressure. the low tracking north. as theelow moves north it will ccntinue to bring us the chance for rain. as we go through the night tonighttinto tomorrow. then this is going to turn into a low pressure, and follow that. so two areas of low pressure3 riding the trough along the mid-atlantic giving s heavy rain. flash flood watches through tonight into tomorrow. as we have the potential for heevy rainfall. how much? we are talking about anywhere from about two to 5 inches potentially cross the area. depending on where you are. some folks getting heavier amounts thannothers. right now the bulls eye looks carroll, howard, dc, annapolis. so it looks like it will give us heavy rainfall. ú% can get flooding conditions across the region. i will have more details about %->> thankkyou, vytas. a bit. >> with 6 inches of rain expected in some places, crews in baltimore ccty re busy cleaning storm drains to keep things from flooding
is happening down here. this is nicole. it is actually around here with the big thunderstorms to the east of the center. well, it will be nicole. it is really tropical depression number 16. the concern is that moisture will follow in a similar path to this storm. this storm is pulling away here, but we have got the connection from the tropics all the way up the east coast and some of our computer models here. the 9 future cast looking a how much rain we could get, the next 48 hours or so and here's the rain in to thursday. i will break these numbers down for you. the blue, and this is through noon, a one to two inches. purple is two to three inches. out west to northern virginia u four to five and this is only through noon and it could be raining much of the day on thursday. so potential big problems on thursday. we will have the full seven-day forecast forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, howard. >>> president obama's chief of staff rahm emanual could announce he is leaving the white house on friday. he has told colleagues he is all but certain to leave to run
up the east coast. it is remnants of tropical storm nicole. >> as you mentioned, it formed down near cuba and came across cuba. as a 5:00 -- the well-defined circulation has faded away and now the tropical moisture will continue the search to the north and a new non tropical low is expected on the coast tonight. some early grain arriving in baltimore and spreading up into western maryland. this goes all the way down the carolinas and into florida, where the storm has been falling apart. the storm's center just to the southeast of miami, falling apart down there. there is not an eye to the storm or a well-defined tropical system, but there is a bunch of moisture associated with the, which will continue to spread across our region tonight. the potential is there for some spots in maryland to get anywhere from three up to 5 inches of rain and a few strong or severe thunderstorms tomorrow. it is a windy, wet weather pattern for another day or so. i will have more details on it and a complete forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> florida is getting a heavy soaking as the storm now s
nicole and has the eyes on the east coast. that is very, very important for our forecast and we're dry this evening, the temperatures in the 70s and 60s, talking about the rain coming back and a lot of it in a few minutes. >> thank you, gary. >>> and a special celebration in southeast. affordable housing went green. take a look. the housing is upgraded and certified as a green property. it has white roofs and -- low- flow toilets, high efficiency insulation and new heat pumps dropping from the ground. there is another reason why it's important to residents. >> and my attitude is those needing help should get more financially, and we are coming in to a new era this is an example of us being first, first in the city for green and green construction. >> reporter: the improvements will allow them to use 25% less energy. >>> michael jackson might be gone but the battle for his estate is far from over. >> that's right, tonight, new paternity claims against the king of pop's children. tmz is working the story. we're live from los angeles in 30 minutes. >>> and we want to know what you think,
a funeral in northwest washington. >>> this morning we're watching a tropical storm, nicole it's called. it's happening down there in the area of florida and cuba. the rain started falling in the florida keys early this morning. the area could get up to eight inches of rain today. the storm was upgraded from a depression to a tropical storm just moments ago. let's see what our weather looking like. we got some clouds. pleasant. 69 degrees. et's take a look down. >> you nd a pair of galoshe search. >> i'm going to pull mine out. we're talking about a whole lot of rain coming to the area late tonight and runningight through thursday. as we said tropical storm now nicole just upgrade ad couple of mines ago. you can see the area shrouded in a whole bunch of clouds right now. you can see across the area we have some showers down around da city and colonial beach, st. mary's too. moderate and even heavy rain down through the northern neck and down around petersburg. biggest rain further south down around florida. that low pressure system off the coast of north carolina that's what's bringi the ra
of solutions. tropical storm nicole may reach maryland by tomorrow night or sooner. heavy rain will spill out ahead of it. either way you slice it, name or no name, two to four inches a guarantee, higher amounts possible, that's why we have ourselves a flood watch, at least through tomorrow evening. it appears as if we're mostly cloudy, high thin clouds, there'll be sunlight this morning, but the clouds will thicken up. look at the slug of moisture down the east coast. focusing on florida and southbound for what could be tropical storm nicole. increasing cloudy sky and showers arriving late. a high only 71. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> fortunately that rain's not going to affect us for this morning rush hour, unlike yesterday, a complete headache, this morning it's a breeze. we don't have problems on the area roadways so far. no delays as you make your way around 695. 83 looks good pretty much between middletown road, south towards the beltway. 795 is all clear. the entire stretch of the 95 corridor. mountain road towards the beltway. no issues as you make your way towards 495,
of the heavy rain down through north carolina. at one time it was tropical storm nicole. the national hurricane center indicated the tropical system has dissipated, but the moisture sources coming right up out of eastern florida through the carolinas and into baltimore. the new low pressure forming on the coast could bring us several inches of rain in parts of maryland. only a trace of rain so far at the inner harbor. the cloudy skies and showers could keep the temperature is below normal today. only 55 degrees of on skyline drive in the shenandoah national park. cecil county at 70 degrees and will stay in the upper 50's to mid 60's through the night. a possibility of heavier rain after midnight heading toward tomorrow morning. the front stalled on the coast will help generate showers as will the remnants of nicole coming north. we expect the new area of low pressure to form down here and track up into the coastal areas, almost like a fall nor'easter that is loaded with tropical moisture. you can see a hint of circulation down here, but the national hurricane center near miami has been watching
tropical moisture, not named yet, but tropical storm nicole where the low pressure is currently located over cuba is expected to organize and get named at some point today. then it races to the north and could reach maryland and the chesapeake bay by thursday evening, thursday night. it's not going to be the wind problem, it's going to be how much moisture spills are away. expect two to four inches across central maryland. right now it appears to be cloudy. we have high thin clouds, probably mix in sun after the 7:00 hour when it does rise. clouds will thicken up for today. we're watching the moisture stretch from virginia through the carolinas through florida. that's the area we're watching for that potential developing tropical storm to head in our direction. watch the clouds to thicken up. maybe showers arriving from south to north mid-afternoon to this evening. heavier rain arrives by tomorrow morning. right now, let's get you to work on time, here's kim brown with a check on traffic. >> you can get to work and school on time, traffic is off to a lovely start. we don't have
ú% nicole pounds our areaa >>> you got toobe prepared for something like this. >>> how much rain you can expec3 in your neighborhood and what3 you need to know to get through your morning commute. >>> i guess i helped paa for that, huh. >>> almost 30 grand on an office makeover. how the money was spend without approval and proposed law that even easier. >>> good morniig. it's hursdayy september 30th. i'm patrice harris. remnnntt of tropical storm 96 region. we have weatter coverage of that system. %-safe.ther team is keeping you emily grace is out there and followinggthe storm here in our studio. %-good morning, steve.ú%th3 >> reporttr: good morning, patrice. have nicoll oot there.weedon't a watch where we earlier had a ú%rnado warning that expirrd at 4:30 this morning. now the tornado watch continues until 1:00 at the eastern shore. you will see the heaviest rain to the south. we're getting closer now and show you exactly where we're seeing theeheaviest rain. you can see toward annapolis ii fact ann we will gettcloserú still, you will see the heavvest rain, and that indicat
, radar combined, we have tropical storm nicole and that is about 180 miles south, southwest of miami. but i'll tell you what, we are looking at -- for et most part, the -- for the most part the heaviest rain is on the way after midnight. so we'll watch all of this moisture in through the carolinas roll northward and come back and see how much is going to fall and when it will get out of here. back to you guys. >> topper, this is what we're going to be talking about for the next 24 hours. >>> a lot of rain and downtown washington, rain is falling. umbrella sails are rising. people living along the banks of potomac know the drill too well. >> they do. bruce leshan in the bellevue community of south alexandria where they have suffered in past times. bruce. >> reporter: nicole, not izzo bell, but when they hear tropical storm tracking west or over d.c. they remember the high winds from isabel that pushed the potomac, which you can see the other side of the trees, it was pushed up over the gw parkway and right into this neighborhood. and let me tell you, the water got so high where i'm st
remnants of tropical storm nicole that will be moving up into our area. again, a lot of ra already today. we have more on the rain today and what not to do. doug? >> we've been talking about the fact that we really need to see some rain around here. boy, are we getting it. aÑi tropical moisture plume movg right into our area. some areas picking up two to four inches. frederick, 4 1/2, washington about 3. this is over the last 48 hours. back towards winchester just under 2 inches but off to the east is the area that's seen tremendous amots of rain. over 7 1/2 inches in annapolis. leonard town coming in at 9 inches. we've seen flooding and localized flash flooding as well. we've been talking about this throughout the da and really throughout the day yesterday, too. do not drive through moving waters. there have been numerous water rescues as aesult of people driving into water that you just don know how deep it is. if your vehicle stalls, leave it and seek higher ground immediately. twfeet of water will carry away most vecles. we've seen that during the day today with numerous water res k
it was a day to prepare for nicole's arrival. >> we have not had a major storm in north myrtle beach in ten years. >> reporter: the mayor warned residents that there could be some low-lying flooding and some rip currents but did not expect nicole would dever more. >> we're not looking for a lot of major damage or anything like that. we're not recommending anyone board up. the sustained winds are supposed to get no more than 45 miles per hour, so we feel like we're in ood shape. >> nicole's pattern is similar to to previous storms, hurricane flood in 1999 and dennis in 2 5 2005. both caused significant flooding and damage in florida, the carolinas, and parts of the northeast. and now that nicole is getting ready to leave her mark, the question is how much damage will she leave behind. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> folks throughout prince georges county are preparing for the possibility that we'll get heavy rain. in edmunds ton, they're working to clear the areas. they've been taking preventive measures since then. >> d.c. has just started handing o free sandbags as of 4:00. that'
be the remnants of tropical storm nicole. and veronica johnson is in the storm is center right now. we'll talk more about that because that stormg moving in. once again we cou be talking about a big, big problem overnight tonight. >> overnight tonight going right into tomorrow morning's rush. so this could be the same situation all over again of what we just went through this morng. so here's a look at things showing up in terms of that tornado watch and a tremendous amount of rain that is fallin throughout the area today. close to three inches right there in washington, d.c. clinton at 2.35 inches and well over 3 down in laplato. frederick, maryland, and 4 1/2 inches of rain. here it is, the center of tropical storm nicole. as you said, doug, still down to the south. you can see that spin there just off the coast of north carolina. that's what's going to be making its way funneli right up the east coast. a lot of heavy rain for areas of southeastern virginia as well as delaware, then on into new jersey and our area as well. so we get more in, another two to four inches. we'll probably see som
with the remains of what was once tropical storm nicole, had a long life span. it's going to have every little bit of a tropical feel with wind advisory, gusts of 45 miles per hour today. flood watch, heavy rain, also for tide coming up the bay. and a tornado watch in the area until 1:00 in the afternoon. all right, in addition to that, rainfall already over two inches in some spots. could max out at over five inches in some places today. flooded already an issue. heavy rain will continue all day long. we have one band pushing through right now. heaviest of the rain sliding up the chesapeake bay. kent island, graysonville, heading up towards extreme eastern baltimore county, middle river right now, over towards kingsville, getting the heaviest of the rainfall. we'll have bands of rain and slugs of moisture as you see the bottom of the screen, another push of those deeper red shadings coming up from the south. look at this this morning, 70 degrees right now in annapolis. they've had over two inches of rain. we're watching them for the possibility of that dam failure, we're watching the possibility
storm nicole. some residents have already laid out sandbags in preparation. tropical storm warnings are in effect for key west and south florida counties. those around major cities like miami and ft. lauderdale. >> it's moving north rapidly. accuweather's ava dinges has more. >> the latest tropical system moving for cuba. it's dropping torrential rainfall over cuba. and also, with strong, gusty winds. it's moving into southeastern florida, where miami could pick up four inches of rain just throughout the day. the storm system quickly heading up the east coast, where flooding will again be a concern, into cities like new york and philadelphia. especially into thursday. now, back to you, rob and vinita. >> thanks for that, ava. and sam champion is tracking this tropical trouble. he'll have the latest track plus live coverage from florida today, later today on "good morning america." >>> there are heightened security fears in europe this morning, after a terror plot was uncovered with the capture of a single suspect. now, there's an international manhunt for those involved. emily schmi
>>> making news on this thursday, september 30th. >> nicole's knockout. the fast-moving tropical system, set to bring flooding today from miami up to maine. >>> what if? the times square bomb blast that almost was. >>> and cooked. the new las vegas hot spot, hot enough to melt flip-flops. a shiny, new hotel, sending concentrated sunshine on the poolside patrons. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. well, get ready for a drencher, up and down the east coast today, with air delays stretching nationwide. >> it's all because of a powerful storm system, already spawning possible tornadoes and tearing apart trees. we begin coverage, now, with emily schmidt. >> reporter: it's hard to know, looking at all of the rain falling all along the east coast. if people are testing the water. >> first tropical storm i've ever been in.of coo so, it's kind of cool. >> reporter: or is the water testing them? north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency, after wilmington had at lest 18 inches of rain since sunday. 4 months' worth of water in 100 hours. one inch more would top a r
today. we have tropical storm nicole down in the caribbean adding moisture to this. it's a tropical hose taking a ton of moisture a throwing it up the eastern seaboard this morning. that's where all the travel trouble is. florida is now clearing out. the carolinas will be next. we have eastern carola getting naid. virginia, delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey and soon up into areas of new england. take a closer look at the radar. you can see the moisture coming straight from the south. a little swirl here, maybe our area of low pressure crossing down from south carolina to north carolina, getting drenched from raleigh. wimington has had an incredible amount of rain the last few days, maybe the highest total ever. the moderates, the steady rainfall now over the area and that's extending now just into the philadelphia region. new york city, the rain is still probably another hour or two away. and you notice that new york is probably more scattered during the day today. i think new york city will get the heaviest rain later on tonight. here is the total we're thinking. anywhere in the yellow
, it could get the name nicole and skirt across florida and jump across the northeastern coast of florida and move across the carolinas and bring a chunk of rain on thursday. we're not talking about a tropical storm or a hurricane, if you will. anything like that. certainly, we're going to have a big slug of moisture moving our way. between the dip in the jet stream and the blocking high, it's like putting a baseball in the baseball machine, it pops it out. we'll have a lot of rain thursday. bernadette woods will discuss that and we'll throw it back inside now. >> >>> the police are investigating a mysterious death in cockeysville. >> reporter: the police were called to cockeysville for the report of an injured man. the police officers say that foul play was involved and an autopsy will reveal the cause of death. they're not sure if the man was from the area or not. the police are working to confirm the man's identity. >>> the investigators haven't identified suspects. >>> the baltimore police detectives are investigating a fatal stabbing today. a woman was found with stab wounds in west
morning, rob and vinita. moisture from what's leftover nicole goes up the east coast. this is going to lead to major flooding as we go throughout the day. we're also looking for gusty winds on the outer banks of the carolinas. gusting could be as high as 50 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour, through the end of the day. more gusty winds from the jersey shore, back across eastern long island. but rain, that's going to be the biggest of concerns. not only travel delays at the airport and interstates. but we're also talking about major flooding on the roadways and flood-prone areas. now, back to you, rob and vinita. >> thank you, ava. and our weather team will continue to track the tropical weather, with sam champion in north carolina, later on "good morning america." >>> there are new tensions this morning between the u.s. and pakistan after a deadly incident on the afghan border. pakistan claims a nato helicopter air strike inside pakistan killed three of its soldiers. shortly after that, pakistan began blocking supply shipments to nato forces. a similar air strike over the weekend
watch until 1:00 p.m. the remnants of nicole are around south florida. we have a tropical conveyor belt of moisture and it is all moving northward, right into the mid atlantic and the state of maryland. we have more than 4 inches of rain likely. we could see more than 6 inches by the end of tomorrow. flash flooding occurring around the district and south of baltimore. the tornado watch is in effect until 1:00 p.m. there is also a high-wind advisory. let's check of the morning commute. >> it has been a mess. was a tanker truck that overturned on eastbound 70. we still have all lanes closed in the eastbound direction until the patapsco river bridge. it has been up writing, but the closure remains in effect. you are forced off at southbound 29. watch for heavy delays back heavy 40. you can see the delays from wilkins because of an accident on the outer loop. cold spring at loch raven, another accident. that one is still taking up the right lane. you can see the delays forming. northbound 83, another accident. it is a very busy rush. flooding will be an issue. leave extra time. 70 at 29, tr
if the sustained winds reach 40 which looks to happen, it'll become tropical storm nicole and looks to come up the coast and make land foul in north carolina and get to the virginia border by thursday evening. weak tropical storm and a bunch of moisture and maybe higher than normal tieds as it approaches and very heavy rain and as on the east side likely to get severe thunderstorm. it could be rough around here thursday depending on whether or not it develops and the track it takes you. can see the heavy rain by norfolk. by 11:00 tomorrow evening with the showers puring up, the rain gets heavy on thursday. potential for a few inches of rain along the path of the storm before it clears out and move as way for friday and the upcoming weekend. watch the computer forecast for the amount of rain we expect over the next couple of days. the red and orange stride shaded areas, you start to get in the three to five inch rainfall possibilities as storm is passing by and can be accompanied by severe thunderstorms. as nicole tries to form and come our way, increasing clouds tomorrow. most of the day dry y
. what you are seeinggon the radar behind sus what remains of tropical storm nicole. >> storm drenched other places.3 and may have willed one child as it moved through the tropics. when flood waters swept away a home. it cut roads and washed out bridges on other islands as well. as tropical storm nicole moved toward florida it lost steam. but had aalot of rain. the wet weather made doing -nything outside in florida >> now tonight, we're getting ready for a lot of rain. keith daniels is standing by live in north baltimore where the city prepaaes for what could be six inch ofs of rain in some pllces. hello keith. >> jeff, good evening. city is working to avoid flooding. they have been busy clearing storm drains like this one. in fact, tonight they say the best defense residents have and trash can. >> at the corner of south followton and coallstreet. >> the rain cannot get it. it floods. >> city work crews are busy unclogging storm drains on mannings bbock, clearing gutters trash and other stopped up drains that could flood neighborhoods. >> the hole innersection is full of w
're going to be tracking. nicole has brushed toward cuba and is headed north our way. >> it is. it's expected to give us a month's worth of rain over the next two days. we want to go right now and hear the latest right now. doug is -- what time lime are we looking at? >> those are pictures from cuba. as it made its way through kai ba it made its way to a tropical storm. now downgrading authority. no longer a named storm, not even a depression. this was never -- our rains were never about tropical storm nicole. it's the feeds right up to our area. the rain just off to the east that. is associated with what was tropical storm nicole, but as you move towd the north here, watch what happens. you go all the way to the north and that's where the moisture is. right up through our area. right w we're seeing some of that light to mad rat rain. that's what we're going to see throughout the rest of the evening hours as well. it was actually a little heavier. now we're in a little bit of a respite. i think geerng to stay in that in the next two to three hours. we will see the potential for hea
nicole some time today. people are preparing for it. there are weather warnings and watches posted from the florida keys up to palm beach. the storm is expected to bring torrential rains. >> rob marciano has his eye on nicole this morning in the extreme weather center. how bad will it be for folks in the south? >> the problem is we're dumping a tremendous amount of rain over saturated ground. i think flooding is going to be a big issue across south florida today. there will be some wind, but this thing is not going to become a hurricane and it's going to get sucked up into a larger system. you can see the precipitation shield of this thing is really moving well north into florida already. so even though the center of this thing really is just crossing cuba, we've got several hours if not a full day of heavy rain from miami almost all the way up through melbourne. here's the forecast track bringing it to the carolinas on thursday as a tropical storm or some version of that with heavy rain and wind there. and right up through the northeast, as well. by then it won't be a tropical storm, b
nicole at some point today. it's not going to be about the wind, but taking the moisture from the caribbean and bring it our way. we could have extensive flooding rains across the entire east coast tomorrow into friday morning. upper 50s to a high of 71. we'll try to hold off showers until this evening, there could be scattered afternoon showers. the real rain does arrive tomorrow. let's talk about the traffic right now, here's kim brown. >> overnight road work has the far right tube on the fort mchenry tunnel in the southbound lanes closed at this time. also in brooklyn park, richie highway, southbound, 4th avenue, right lane and shoulder are taken away because of a utility problem they're working on. from owings mills boulevard to the beltway, an additional four-minute ride. here we are, 95 at 195 looking good. southbound lanes going into howard county, further into the capital beltway, no problems. all the lanes look good from 695 up toward the tunnels. >>> more women are entering the workforce. >> yeah, but are they getting the same pay as men? what a new report says about
icon of the genre. nicole tells us why. >> reporter: the giant comic-con held every year in san diego is the world's largest. the convention center is packed with hundreds of exhibits and thousands of comics. among the most popular attractions is "artists alley." here you can meet people with true super powers. using just ink, pens, and brushes, they're able to bring a super hero or a super villain to life. one of the most sought after artists is this man. his name is al feldstein, and he's a legend. >> i guess i'm most known for introducing horror comics to the general public back in the '50s. >> al feldstein is one of the pioneers. he was involved in creating some of the greatest comic books ever published. >> i created "tales from the crypt," originally it was called "the crypt of terror" and i introduced it into comic books. >> reporter: that's right, long before it became a popular tv series -- >> they were a magazine called, get a load of this, "tales from the crypt." >> reporter: -- "tales from the crypt" was a comic book. it was published in the 1950's by ec comics. >> ec set
tropical storm nicole and eventually just a low coming on by us. that may have an effect of pulling that heavy band of rain closer to dc, maybe closer to the west, maybe farther to the east. where that heavy band of rain sets up, we're not sure yet but there's a good chance dc may be close to it. and another front comes on through, a cooler front and sweeps it out of here in time for friday. so it's thursday we have to deal with it. you can see we have clouds starting to move on in. notice at 8:00, some of the showers moving past the richmond area but you can begin to see the heavy rain that's coming out of the carolinas. we think this will have a really big impact on coastal carolina. they had 10 and 1/3 inches of rain yesterday, the second greatest amount on record under hurricane floyd. look at thursday 8:00 in the morning. a lot of the rain will be to the west rain in dc. we lost some of our information here but it continues to show heavy rain at 5:00 and it continues to swing east. you can see it here as it comes back into focus here and friday morning at 7:00 a.m. it's pulling
storm nicole remind them of hurricane isabel back in 2003. >> it would not surprise me to have another 80 feet. >> while the first titi hit in the early morning, the water rose once again during the day drawing quite a crowd. >> you are breaks. >> absolutely. >> this is part of living with annapolis. you have to deal with it. >> they were watching for the rising waters. >> we are pretty close and i am pretty sure that we tie up lines. >> they're watching things for a closely, especially areas that are prone to flooding. >> this is a challenge with the rain that we have. we have sandbags deployed for our businesses and residents. >> the nablus mayor tells us that there are concerns about thursday not's high tide as wind patterns are keeping water in the bay. he is offering extreme caution to those in low-lying areas. >> most people know what to expect, this is a matter of using common sense. >> at it is eerie how many people here in annapolis are talking about the hurricane and how all of this heavy rain and flooding reminds them of that and certainly they will be keeping a close eye on
're watching a strong, strong storm. the remains of what was once a hurricane, i'm sorry, tropical storm nicole, it's going to feel like a tropical system here with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory, we have heavy rainfall expected, uh, on average, probably between 2 to 5 inches, even higher amounts likely. and in between, the possibility of some tornados. i had one report from one of our weather watches on the eastern shore, they had lightning extended, which isn't common with a tropical system. we have a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m., all the orange-shaded counties in maryland which include carol, baltimore, harford, cecil, down through howard, anne arundel, and off towards the eastern shore. those pink counties to our south, calvert and st. mary's. that's a tornado warning, extending through 7:00. because of doppler radar-indicated rotation, which is the first sign that something may drop from the clouds, a funnel cloud and touch the ground. nothing has been confirmed on the ground as of yet. pushing to the north at 40 miles per hour. so this thing is racing to the
to sort through all of the studies. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >>> tropical storm nicole is giving florida a good soaking on the way to the east coast. heavy rains created misery across southern florida earlier today. forecasters say even though nicole has not reached hurricane strength it is becoming a major rain event. heavy winds and flash floods are predicted from southern florida to farther north along the east coast. as a precaution, the nhl canceled tonight's preseason game between the panthers and the carolina hurricanes. i guess the irony there is the panthers don't like the rain. >> we have to worry about the heat. it is exciting now. >> starting to come on down, which is nice. my ac broke for the second time for four weeks in my car. leave it up to a weather guy to have his ac break in the car. i was laughing yesterday. >> with the windows down and the heat. >> it is getting fixed now. that's the most important part. 76 right now in san francisco. winds northwest at 15. that humidity is also on the rise, a sign of the moisture that is building right along the c
to do with nicole which only lasted for four hours. it dissipated. >> but the tropical train all along the east coast continues. there you can see some of the rain that is coming our way. some moderate rain in the frederick area. a flood watch that includes not only our area but a wide area of the east. there are already flood warnings of for parts of the carolinas, which earlier in the week had 5 inches of rain. this has nothing to do with that trouble storm which was way down in cuba, not anything part of this but it is an overall pattern. as we go through the morning hours especially, there will be local, heavy rains causing flooding and delays. i will tell you when this will move out. >>> now, at this minute, people that live in low-lying areas are preparing for the worst tomorrow. jay korff is live. >> it is really coming down at tonight in old town alexandria. residents can grab some sandbags. with this rain, they could come in handy. >> 3500-4000 sand bags. >> at the end of the day, it is only 40 pounds of sand in the bag. >> just being cautious. >> they hope that several of the
to floridana and this is going to be heading in our direction and tropical storm nicole is one of the contributors and this is going to phase into an extra tropical storm. we have a flash flood watch in effect in midnight and through the day tomorrow, we're expecting heavy and steady rain and not isabel-like winds but gusty winds of 35 miles an hour and if we get a thunderstorm, we can't rule that out and i'm going have timing for you and we'll look at the models to give you an idea of how much rain to expect and win. >> we will see you in a bit. >>> there is new information tonight involving a deadly gang shooting at a funeral in northwest yesterday and d.c. police made an arrest after tracking the suspect's getaway car to the house. paul wagner is live with more. paul? >> reporter: brian, the latest is that brandon miller was held without bond and as you mentioned, they did trace him to his house and this is with a lot of help from the community. they found tag number and got help with surveillance cameras. they found brandon miller and took him into custody and arrested his
to iraq with 50,000 american troops staying there in a support role. nicole collins is in washington for more. >> this was no mission accomplid moment as one white house aid put it. it's more like a change in aid moment. >>> at a cost of more than 4,400 military killed, the combat mission in iraq is over after more than seven years. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of their people. we have met our responsibility. >> but in a prime time address from the oval office, they said the united states commitment to a self reliant iraq continues. >> troops will remain in iraq with a different mission, advising and assisting iraq troops. >> republican leaders in congrey america's success in iraq is not because of president barack obama, but inpiet of him because as a senator he opposed the surge that many credit for turning the tide of the convict. the top house republicans said this in a vail swipe. >> one lawmaker rejected the ida saying and again i'm quoting, in fact, i think we will do the reverse. >> with one combat mission compe , presiden
to highland hospital in the back of a squad car. nicole young, todd young's wife today emotionally learned about how she learned about her husband's shooting. >> i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. he called me and said he was in highland hospital and that he was okay, he just got hit in the leg. so i came up here. >> reporter: young has been under sedation for a week now in order to help him recover from his wounds. trauma doctors say it'll be several days before he can communicate with visitors. nicole young describes for us what she hopes to tell him when he wakes up. >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. that they miss him, and he's strong, he's very strong. and we have a long life ahead of us. >> i believe that michael the arch angel was sitting on young's shoulder to guide him  through this very difficult time. >> reporter: young is likely to recover with more surgery and physical therapy and rehabilitation. the suspect in young's shooting is being held and charged with attempted murder. reporting live in oakland,
a treadmill an bicycle up there. >>> nicole continues her special serries on a proud tradition of the u.s. marine corps. nicole. >> reporter: i is called evening parade. as one of the highlights. a battle of the bands. every friday evening, during the summer, the public is invited on to the marine's oldest military post. called marine washington, the post was established in 1801 to protect ours in's capital. >> in this dy an age, we are more famous for our ceremony marching units an our musical units. the president's own u.s. marine band. >> during evening parades, both bands get to strut their stuff. officially called the u.s marine ban, it was created by an act of congress in 1798. >> played for john adams an his wife and a small party. but it was thomas yev soreson who took office after this who gave us the name the president's own. >> the president needed his own musical unit to perform at different white house functions for those who may attend. >> we played at every inaugural. i believe that is 52 inaugurations over 210 years. we are proud of that fact as well. >> the band is comp
with members of the pakistani taliban. >>> the remnants of tropical storm nicole rewreaking havoc o the east coast today. some areas will get up to ten inches of rain today. >>> former president jimmy carter could get released from an ohio hospital today. >>> fisher price recalled more than 10 million tricycles, toys and high chairs because of safety concerns. ten children have been injured because of these products and six of them had to have medical attention. >>> some pretty incendiary charges on capitol hill this morning while lawmakers investigate if johnson and junson executives should have acted sooner in a big recall of children's tylenol. you can see the company's ceo testifying. the fda says that johnson & johnson secretly bought defective medicine from the stores and later they did recall millions of bottles of those pain killers. >>> mcdonald's is disputing this morning' story in "the wall street journal" that says the new health care law might force them to drop health plans for nearly 30,000 hourly workers. so, we just got this statement from mcdonald's that says, "media report
but it will become a tropical storm later today. it would be called nicole if that happens. this takes it over cuba. this is moving quickly. it will move over south florida tomorrow and to the northeast. at this point it looks like this will make a second landfall in the carolinas. the effects are rain could move in as early has tomorrow night, heavy rain on thursday has the center passes by wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour possible. that means it gets out of here friday. we clear out for the weekend but really cool it down. we get rid of one storm system right now. here's that next one. this could be what's left of nicole, winds picking up. heavy rounds of rain. so on the waters our winds are in the process of turning around by tomorrow. they turn around to the northeast. they won't be up all that much. because of that we see fog forming. then tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine as we head through the day. we get up into the 70s. the rain starts by tomorrow night. thursday, this could move quickly. we're going to feel the effects on thursday. it gets out of here. this weekend a real taste of fa
. tropical depression 16 which will likely be nicole during the day today. the moisture is heading our way. we have a tropical connection and with the system passing us, coastal areas will be dealing with flooding. tomorrow afternoon, old town alexandria, normal spots that go when the water is high you will have some water in the streets there, as well. let's get you going this morning. the bus stop forecast, partly to mostly cloudy. and on the cool side. got areas in the low 50s to low 60s. sun is coming up at 7:02 and then today, clouds will thicken. by noon, cloudy and 70. for the drive home a couple of showers an. should be light ones, though. upper 60s to near 70. 61 degrees and partly cloudy. to be the rain will develop, steady rains will develop and heavy after midnight. east winds 10 to 15 will pick up out of the southeast tomorrow. 10 to 20. depending on the track of nicole and what is left of nicole we could have gusts of 30 close to 40 in spots. an a southeast wind. and that's where the water will be up, as well. 75 to 80 and look at the rain numbers two to four i
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